A new way of designing the outdoors

We create flowerpots, seats, vases, benches and bollards in sintered stone
for parks, terraces, gardens, courtyards, patios, condominium areas and squares.
The combination of these elements allows the modular realization of the outdoor furniture with a brick logic, a real modular system with products of the same tone, color and material. An ideal application system for both small and large projects, both for private clients and for the most demanding and imaginative landscape architects.

Following the needs expressed by the client, we create unique porcelain stoneware elements,
in complete balance with the pavings and coverings of the environment in which they are to be integrated.
Standard sizes and shapes are proposed in the price list but can be customized on request.


Starting from the wide range of available sizes of sintered stone slabs, it is possible to obtain planters of any size, shape and color.

The effect of continuity that will be created will give the whole space a sense of completeness and refined design, with a simple study.


The sintered stone seats can be made in customized sizes and colors, starting from the sizes of the formats available in the catalog.

A real design element that, together with the floor, can give life to unique projects.

Some modules of OUTDOOR FURNITURE that we offer:

L'ALTRA PIETRA Colosseo Grigioni

L'ALTRA PIETRA Harena Calanca Light

L'ALTRA PIETRA Colosseo Barge