5 February 1920
25 August 1929

Cambria Hotel - Orlando

Overlooking the splendid panorama of Orlando, Florida, the Cambria Hotel has created the panoramic terrace with sintered stone paving. The slabs are 3 cm thick in the Super Hard Keramik 3 cm brand and to guarantee greater resistance they have been laid on feet with an anti-wind system, to counteract the effect of any hurricanes. The greater specific weight of the 3 cm thick slabs, compared to the 2 cm solution, guarantees further stability to prevent lifting due to the effect of the wind. The installation guarantees maximum safety for people and things, maintaining the value of the investment over time.
The paving chosen is super resistant and anti-slip, ideal for swimming pool pavings.
The product chosen for this project is SUPER HARD KERAMIK 3 CM Pietra Davos 60x60x3 cm (24"x24"x1.2") and SUPER HARD KERAMIK 3 CM Blustone Grey 60x60x3 cm (24"x24"x1.2").