Pavimenti in pietra sinterizzata L'ALTRA PIETRA Harena Calanca Light 40x120x2 cm
10 February 1910
Pavimento in pietra sinterizzata Centro culturale di danza Herzliya, Israele
1 January 1920

DMAIL Orio Center - Bergamo

The paving of the DMAIL store in Orio Center, Bergamo, was made with 1 cm thick sintered stone wood effect OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM.
A durable flooring resistant to stains, frost, chromatic variations given by light, but it is also non-slip, resistant to high loads, easy to clean and does not require treatments.
The products chosen for this project are OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Harena Holz Grigio 40x120x2 cm.

Palce Bergamo, Italy
Year 2017
Project DMAIL Orio Center
Product OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Harena Holz Grigio 40x120x2 cm