1 March 1989
18 March 1989

Penthouse, Milan - Italy

In Milan, an attic was renovated, L'ALTRA PIETRA floating slabs were chosen for the flooring, placed on raised feet. This installation is particularly ideal for terraces, as it allows the slabs to be removed over time and therefore facilitates maintenance and inspection of the underlying cables. Furthermore, the ease of this installation is ideal for saving money and time. L'ALTRA PIETRA sintered stone slabs are easy to clean, non-slip, resistant to sudden changes in temperature, stains and mould.

The product chosen for this project is L'ALTRA PIETRA Museo Pierre Blue Grey 60x60x2 cm.

Place Milan, Italy
Year 2023
Project Penthouse in private apartment
Product L'ALTRA PIETRA Museo Pierre Blue Grey 60x60x2 cm