5 May 1989
20 May 1989

Private villa - Novara

Design and functionality united to excel. Sintered stone slabs, in addition to being perfect for use as flooring, are also ideal for creating resistant ventilated facades.
The KERF technology applied to the 2 cm slabs allows the covering to be anchored in total safety. In addition to the obvious functional advantages, it allows to contain costs and guarantees greater impact resistance.
The villa in the photo, overlooking Lake Orta, is an example of a structure with a ventilated facade in sintered stone.

The sheets are resistant to climatic changes, frost, corrosion, are easy to clean and do not require maintenance.
The products chosen for this project are L'ALTRA PIETRA Colosseo Grigioni.

Place Novara, Italy
Year 2022
Project Private villa
Architect Agostino Turba
Product L'ALTRA PIETRA Colosseo Grigioni