Pavimento in pietra sinterizzata in villetta privata Brescia
10 January 2007
Lastre in pietra sinterizzata SUPER HARD KERAMIK 3 CM Pietra Barge 40x80x3 cm casa con cortile
30 July 2007

Private House with Simming Pool - Bergamo

In the Bergamo project, for the paving of the outdoor swimming pool of a private house, anti-slip OUTDOOR WOOD 2 cm slabs (R11) in wood-effect sintered stone were laid.
The chosen product is the ideal solution for swimming pools because, in addition to being non-slip, it has high solar reflectivity, as well as being resistant to stains, mold and bacteria, acids including chlorine and is resistant to temperature shocks, light and frost.
The chosen product for this project is OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Harena Holz Noce 40x120 cm (12"x48").

Place Bergamo, Italy
Year 2019
Project Private house
Product OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Harena Holz Noce 40x120 cm (12"x48")