Lastre in pietra sinterizzata L'ALTRA PIETRA Colosseo Quarzite Svedese in 2 cm di spessore per facciata ventilata a Seoul, centro religioso
30 January 1920
25 October 1929

Observatory - Bergamo

In Bergamo, on the hills of San Fermo, an observatory was built with sintered stone paving OUTDOOR WOOD 2 cm thick wood effect.
The product chosen is non-slip (R11), drive-over and resistant to high loads. It also has multiple technical features that make it long lasting; it is resistant to stains, mold, bacteria and acids, it is also non-slip, does not absorb water and is flame retardant.

The product that has been chosen for this project is OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Foresta Scuro 40x80 cm (16"x32").

Place Bergamo, Italy
Year 2019
Project Observatory
Product OUTDOOR WOOD 2 CM Foresta Scuro 40x80 cm (16"x32")